Alice of the Rocks by E. Graziani

“It’s amazing the things that stick with you after so many years”

“Alice of the Rocks” may have been E. Graziani’s first ever published novel, but she has quite a talent for creating world you can experience alongside the characters, for creating characters you feel like you already know and love, and for creating a story that you cannot possibly predict. With her colorful and descriptive writing, she can create scenes with words better than many people can with a camera.

The book has two storylines, one is from Alice in 2029 and the other is from Elisa in 1512. The two stories would have been good separate, but together they’re even better! What seems like two completely unrelated stories become one in a fresh and unexpected way. The lives of two girls living five centuries apart end up crashing together and it makes for a fascinating story that keeps you turning page after page.

The switching back-and-forth between timelines occurs frequently in the beginning. At first, it feels like the second you get comfortable in the storyline, it switches back to the alternate timeline. However, after a few switches, they become less frequent and the flow feels much more natural between the two worlds.

Sprinkled with words and phrases in Italian, the reader gets to learn a tiny bit of a beautiful language. Don’t worry, it is just enough Italian that is used in obvious context that doesn’t leave the reader confused or lost in the slightest! I feel like these light dustings of Italian is one of the qualities of Graziani’s writing style that gives “Alice of the Rocks” it’s charm.

As far as characters go, they are each their own complex, dynamic person in Graziani’s world. In 1512, Elisa is incredibly innocent and endearing. Claudio is valiant and kind. Clarice is cunning and clever. In 2029, Alice is adventurous and carefree.

This novel is perfectly paced, not too fast and not too slow. I felt like I was on a scenic ride in the mountains: there was no rushing of the story line and every page was too interesting to feel like it was dragging by. If you’re looking for a wonderful story of love with a splash of history and a splash of adventure, this should be your next read! I highly recommend Alice of the Rocks!

Thank you to Edy Graziani for providing me a copy of her book to review. I thoroughly enjoyed “Alice of the Rocks”!

For more information on E. Graziani, “Alice of the Rocks”, or any of her other work, check out the links below!

E. Graziani’s Website



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