Book Review: A Darker Shade of Magic by Victoria Schwab


So it has been way over due for this review, and for that I apologize, I’ve just been incredibly busy lately but will definitely be reviewing a lot more books pretty soon! 🙂

So, A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E Schwab or(Victoria Schwab). I can’t not put into words how amazing this book is! I am so impressed by this world that @veschwab has created. This world is so incredibly phenomenal and I absolutely love the characters. The world is built so well, that you aren’t left wondering how exactly something works in this magical world because it’s explained so well and written so beautifully that it’s all visually clear in your head.

This Book takes place in the early 1800s in London, in which we follow from the POV of our main character Kell. In this magical world there are 4 different London’s, like parallel universe.

We have Grey London, which is much like our world with no magic.

Red London, does have magic, which is where Kell is from.

White London, has magic but is ran by two corrupt leaders that just want to use the magic for power.

Then we have black London, which has been closed off through a portal because it’s been consumed by magic.

Kell is known as an Antari, which is a type of magician with magical ability’s, which also allows him to be one of the only ones to travel between these parallel London’s. Kell is one of the last two Antari , therefore serves as an Ambassador for Red London, to travel to the other London’s to Give letters and such.

Downside is, Kell happens to be a “smuggler” , which is where he takes items and trinkets from one London, to another, either for himself or someone else, which is forbidden.

One day Kell happens to smuggle something that puts him in a really terrible and dangerous situation, which is where the main plot takes off!

Along his journey, he comes across a character, Delilah Bard, who is an orphan and thief, and they both get into some pretty unpredictable and crazy amount of trouble.

This book kept my eyes glued, and there was never a dull moment. There is quite a bit of world building I will say toward the beginning and learning about the characters, learning the magic system, but it’s placed together so wonderfully that it isn’t overwhelming or too much.

I don’t want to spoil anyone on this book, so I won’t go any further into details, unless you don’t plan to read it and want to know. This world is so beautifully created and I definitely recommend this book if you haven’t already pick it up, please purchase this and enjoy it, you will not be disappointed! I do plan on continuing on with the trilogy, as I do own the other two books! 🙂

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