Review: Spoonbenders by Daryl Gregory

Hello everybody! This is David bringing you another review!

This time, it was Spoonbenders by Daryl Gregory.

I will admit… This book took a little bit longer to finish than I had anticipated! Spoonbenders was definitely a book I enjoyed reading WHILE I was reading it. However, it wasn’t a book that compelled me to pick it up when I wasn’t doing anything.

It seemed more like I had to make myself start reading it. Once I got into it, I was fine… but it was the fact that I didn’t have the urge to read it when I had free time that really made it hard for this book to be the “quick read” it was supposed to be!

Spoonbenders follows the odd and sad Telemachus family that is composed of people with true various psychic powers and con artists. Once known around the country as an amazing psychic family, some members still try to hold onto what life used to be before being exposed on live television and before the death of Maureen, the matriarch with true psychic abilities.

The story is told from multiple points of views by the various members of the Telemachus family. Each character has their own unique and eccentric personality and story. No two characters are alike, and this makes for interesting reading. It also makes it extremely easier for the reader to keep the multiple storylines apart.

Throughout the book, each character seems to be doing their own thing, humming along to the melody of their own tune. Each point of view seems to be separate from the next.

But something happens towards the height of the book, something magical. Like a long, elaborately planned, drawn-out scheme, seemingly random events slowly being to tie themselves together and make sense to the reader. The frustration of not knowing what two characters were talking about or the confusion of why a certain character was spending his time on something that seems meaningless to the story all forms together and makes sense to the reader.

It was incredibly impressive to see so many pieces of the story come together like that!

The writing is as cryptic as the characters themselves. Gregory carefully selects the information he chooses to provide the reader with.

As soon as I felt like I was getting somewhere with a character’s secret, past, or mystery; something startling or shocking would happen in the story to distract me. After this occurring a few times, I realized it was like a magic trick on the reader to keep you turning page after page.

Sometimes two characters will have a conversation and it feels more like you’re eavesdropping on a conversation topic you know nothing about. Interestingly enough, this didn’t harm my desire to continue reading in the slightest.

If anything, it made me want to read and learn more to figure out what the characters are talking about so I too can be a part of that conversation.

Even though I said that Spoonbenders was a book that wasn’t begging for me to read it as it was sitting on my coffee table, it was still very enjoyable in my hands. The quirky characters, the unique plot, and the “mindblowing” apex of the story earned this book a 4/5 stars for itself.

I definitely have to recommend this book, especially if you’re someone who’s into stories everyday people with supernatural powers.


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