Happy Birthday, Harry Potter & J. K. Rowling!

Check out more pictures of this beautiful Harry Potter set!

Thank you to Rowling for taking me on the most magical adventures of my childhood.

I remember the feeling of anxiously waiting for the next book in the Harry Potter series whenever she was still writing the last few books.

It feels like forever ago!

The world of Harry Potter was an amazing, life-changing escape for me growing up. I picked up the first book in the 6th grade and didn’t put them down until I had read them all.

Like Harry himself, I was always managing to get myself into trouble in middle school. I hacked around the walls that blocked off all the “fun” websites like YouTube and Addicting Games. (It was a much simpler time.)

Going to a Christian private school, I thought I was ingenious for putting one of those elastic book covers around my Harry Potter books so I could read them in class. I didn’t think that the teachers would still confiscate my book for reading in class! Which of course led to them seeing what I was reading and then getting in trouble for reading the devil’s book.

None of that stopped me though! I was determined to go on all the adventures with Harry, Hermione, and Ron like millions of other kids did too.

Thank you, J. K. Rowling.


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